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Tulip Story

The creation of Tulip fragrances is deeply rooted in one woman’s life long obsession with perfume. Fascinated with a scent’s innate power to transport her to some nostalgic, magical place, Victoria England began curating her own scent blends in the early 1990’s at the tender age of 14. A trip to the local scent bar in Berkeley, CA would be the highlight of her week. There she would take whatever money she had and experiment with countless combinations. It was there she curated a scent blend of vanilla and amber that today remains a Tulip Top Seller – Amber Vanilla Bean. This hobby of hers grew with her into adulthood. In 2007, Tulip bloomed into a business located in Humboldt County, CA. The unique fragrances she offers today are a cultivated collection of treasured memories.  She offers you a diverse assortment of scents in hopes that they too will invoke your sweetest memories.

In recent years Victoria has expanded into CBD Body Care, Skincare and Supplements. These offerings are inspired by 20 years of cannabis industry experience and deep rooted cannabis community involvement in Humboldt County, CA. Her knowledge and belief of cannabis as medicine is now being shared with the world. This wasn’t always the case as even a couple of years ago we couldn’t discuss such things in the business world. Now the secrets of some of her truest talents are set free!

Victoria England Headshot.jpg
Victoria England - Activist

Victoria spent several years as a Cannabis Activist in Humboldt County, CA. She joined a group called HuMMAP, Humboldt Medical Marijuana Advisory Panel in 2010. She was the first person among a group of six others to approach local government about the cannabis industry in Humboldt and asked “What do you plan to do to allow our farmers into the legal market”, which they knew was coming. HuMMAP aimed at educating local government about land use and cannabis policy created by stakeholders. In 2015 Victoria became Vice President of CCVH, California Cannabis Voice Humboldt. This group formed after meetings with San Francisco based group CCV (California Cannabis Voice) leaders Mathew Kumin and Terrence Allen, approached local growers in Humboldt and inspired them to start a chapter to raise awareness about what was coming. CCVH became boots on the ground and for a year held town hall meetings all over the rural county in attempts to educate growers on what was coming and how to act. CCVH wrote the counties first Land Use Ordinance with an emphasis on environmental protection of watersheds and a clear path for “Mom & Pop” growers who make up a majority of Humboldt County’s cannabis producers. The ordinance was not adopted but many parts were used to shape the current ordinance and helped shape state policy. Victoria’s role became one of a bridge builder between the cannabis industry and the business community of Humboldt as she played a role in both equally. Victoria served 2 years as a Board Member of Humboldt Made.

In 2016 Victoria became a founding member of WWC (Women Cultivating Community). WCC’s mission is to help women in the cannabis industry with business. It started as a Women’s Alliance and morphed into WCC. Victoria shares business tips and resources with other women in cannabis in hopes they will succeed in entering the legal cannabis market. Currently every woman who has been involved in WCC has a cannabis brand that has hit the market!

[Original size] Gold Peach Brown Mood Bo
[Original size] Gold Peach Brown Mood Bo
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